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Best Penis Enlargement Pills To Buy UK

Best Penis Pills UK

There are currently dozens of pills, tablets and supplements available that are geared towards enlarging and extending penis size and increasing virility and libido – each with varying degrees of success.

The products listed below are considered to be premier products with a high level of success and are manufactured and distributed from a reputable source.

MALE EXTRA “Natural alternative to Viagra”

Male Extra is a powerful natural tablet that is available to buy direct from the manufacturer and without a prescription.

Its core functions are to increase blood flow to the penis and act as an anti-oxidant. Both of these processes are key to helping to achieve a larger and more prominent erection and increasing sexual prowess and libido.

Male Extra is a product of the United Kingdom and is manufactured all necessary guidelines.

Male Extra BottlesBuy Male Extra if you want to:

  • Increase the size of you penis
  • Achieve harder erections
  • Sustain erections for longer
  • Experience increased sensitivity
  • Treat impotency


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VIGRX PLUS  “Best selling penis enlargement pill”

Vigrx Plus is one of the longest serving penis enlargement pills, it is also the best selling male enhancement product.

It has the backing from professionals within the field of mens sexual health and penis enlargement. Just as with the two other products listed here it is a natural alternative to Viagra.

VigRX Plus is guaranteed for over 2 months, so if you do not see the desired effect you can get a full refund and it has cost you nothing.

Buy VigRX Plus if you want to:

  • Enlarge you penis in both length and girth
  • Enjoy a stiffer erection
  • Ensure your erections last longer
  • A heightened sexual experience
  • Increase your libido

VigRX Plus is manufactured in the USA but is available to buy in £ stirling and regularly ships to the UK

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PROSOLUTION “Industry standard penis enlargement”

ProSolution is another product that has been available for several years and hails from a reputable organisation.

ProSolution now includes two trademarked ingredients, Solidilin and Drilizen that are said to speed up the process of delivery the ingredients into the bloodstream.

ProSolution is slightly more expensive than the two products listed above and so is the third choice.

Reason to buy ProSolution:

  • Industry standard penis enlargement pills
  • Serving the industry for several years
  • GP approved and endorsed
  • Fully guaranteed for 6 months
  • Available without prescription
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VigRX Plus Where To Buy In The UK

VigRX Plus Review UK

One of the best selling and most popular male sexual libido enhancing products sold across the world is VigRX Plus. Often imitated, it is considered a benchmark and continues to involve.

The “Plus” version replaces the original formula and now contains Bioperine – a natural substance that helps the ingredients absorb quicker into the bloodstream allowing the effects to be experienced in a much shorter space of time.

VigRx Plus is around £50 for a month supply but bulk purchases can drive the down to around £30. There is also a money back guarantee in place which is good for 60 days.

It is ONLY available to buy from the official site and not available in store or form any third party retailer.

There is no current coupon code due to the special pricing available

Click here to visit official UK website

Its creators, Albion Medical, employ the use of industry experts and the medical fraternity to help formulate.

What Does VigRX Plus Do

Aimed at improving the the quality and side of your erection, taking two tablets per day can result in the following benefits:

  • Firmer erections – increase stiffness and strength of erection
  • Increase in erection size – length and girth increase expanding the corpora cavernosa
  • Longer lasting erections – maximise staying power and help ejaculation control
  • Heightened sexual pleasure – raised level of orgasm experience
  • Higher sex drive – a raised libido
“If you want to enhance your erection, VigRX Plus™ offers you a Risk FREE way to try our product. If it fails to do what they say it will do, you’ll get your money back.”

How Long Does VigRX Plus Take To Work

During the initial stages of introduction (week 1 to 4) you can expect to experience and girth increase, you can also expect to enjoy a fuller and more stable erection.

During the second month, a length increase with better ejaculation control and a more heightened state of arousal. After week 9 to 10 you should be at the stage where your erection is consistently stronger than before usage and your penis at rest (in its non erect flaccid state) should be much thicker.

How Does VigRX Plus Work

Each capsule contains substances that are known aphrodisiacs and have been used for centuries by many different cultures across the world.

These natural ingredients are geared towards increasing blood flow to the erectile tissue within the corpora cavernosa – the two spongy chambers that run alongside the penis shaft.

The diagram opposite shows the spongy erectile tissue that is filled with blood when arousal occurs, the size and rigidity or an erection is dependent on the amount of blood that fills these chambers.

The penis is just like any other “muscle” in the human body in so much as it needs a healthy blood flow to increase in size and definition.

VigRX Plus Clinical Proof and Doctor Endorsements

VigRX Plus is not only devised with collaboration using the input from some of the globes leading sexual health experts but it is also recommended and endorsed by several of the most well respected doctors and physicians.

Steven Lamm, MD is not well known for his propensity to endorse or highlight commercial products but is interestingly a keen advocate of VigRX Plus and recommends to male patients in need of a treatment for all kinds of sexual improvement or erectile dysfunction.

Does VigRX Cause Side Effects

Perfectly safe for human consumption if used as suggested and also suitable for vegetarians.

Is VigRX Plus Recommended

Highly Recommended, if you suffer from any form of erection problem, be it low sex drive, impotence or poor quality erections – VigRX could well be the best money you will ever spend.

Where To Buy VigRX Plus UK

Available to buy direct from UK website, not available to purchase on the high street (Boots, Holland and Barrett etc) as products aimed at male sexual health have a degree of the embarrassment factor associated with it.

All packages are shipped with absolute discretion and any documentation will be devoid of any information that may cause embarrassment.

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VigRX Plus Penis Pills UK Review

VigRX Plus Penis Pills

VigRX Plus Penis PillsVigRX Plus is the improved and latter release of the popular VigRX penis enhancement pill.

VigRX has been available to consumer to purchase without GP intervention for several years and has remained one of the best selling penis enlargement, enhancement and improvement products available to UK consumers.

Due the obvious embarrassment factor with products such as VigRX, it is only available from either the official VigRX Plus website or selected online outlets.

VigRX is similar to ProSolution as in they are the  originators in the male enhancement market place where indigestible tablet form male enhancement products are concerned.

VigRX Is Clinically Proven And GP Approved

The original VigRX product is still in circulation and via some adult related third party websites – it highly advised to ignore the temptation to buy the original formula from third party stockists as they may not honor the money back guarantee should you choose to enforce it.

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What Is VigRX Plus And How Does It Work

VigRx PlusA tablet form supplement especially formulated for penis growth from both a length and girth perspective.

The formula can also increase libido and enhance all round sexual performance.

It must be stressed though that a high majority of “penis pills” do not result in permanent penis size increase.

The effect of the formula is similar to the effect created by Viagra in so much as the penis is visibly larger in its erect state, but unaffected in its flaccid state.

More Detail As To How Penis Pills Work

VigrRX Plus can also treat the symptoms of premature ejaculation.

VigRX Plus is medically approved and also has the backing from leading naturopaths.

VigRX Plus Expected Results

VigRX Plus ResultsThe effect of VigRX is that your erections will feel firmer, you will notice an increase in staying power and your recovery period between ejaculations significantly improved.

As the ingredients start to work blood flow to your penis will create more sensation and ultimately a better sexual experience.

Your erections will become harder and firmer as your corpora cavernosa becomes accustomed to more blood being pushed into the soft spongy chambers.

This is what is known as penis enhancement, not be confused with penis enlargement. The enlargement or penis size increase happens over time.

If you intend to buy this product specifically to increase the size of your penis is important to remember that expectation levels should be set to months not weeks.

VigRX Plus Guarantee

VigRX produce one of the best pill form penis enlargement and enhancement products but it has to said that the guarantee period is a little disappointing. A 60 day (two month) full money back guarantee is offered but compared ProSolution is, in our opinion not long enough.

VigRX’s answer to this the fact that the return rate is less than 1%,  so 99 out of every 100 purchases do not involve the guarantee being invoked – fair play.

Where To Buy VigRX Plus UK

buy VigRX Penis Pills UKVigRX Plus can only be purchased from the official website. Orders can placed using a credit card either by telephone or online.

VigRX is a US based company but ships to the UK and across Europe.

Absolute discretion is assured from both an order and shipping perspective. All packaging is plain and no reference to any male enhancement product will appear on your credit card.

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