Do Prelox Tablets Work

Prelox reviewPrelox is a non prescription natural tablet to enhance sexual performance and is available to buy over the counter, typically in Holland and Barrett and other high street stockists of sexual health products.

It is manufactured by Pharma Nord.

Prelox is aimed at improving sexual performance much in the same way as Viagra – but without the drug based side effects often associated with Viagra and similar prescription only male enhancement medication.

What Does Prelox Do

Prelox can improve blood flow to the male organ (penis) – lack of blood flow to the penis is one of the biggest and most significant physical causes of erectile dysfunction and erection problems amongst men.

A majority of products geared towards improving erection quality work in a similar vein. Viagra is perhaps the most well known but is very drug based and can cause side effects. Pound for pound one of the most successful products is Male Extra. Male Extra is arguably the most powerful non-prescription sexual enhancement product available.

More about Male Extra

The formula is proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. When combined they increase nitric oxide production, stimulate circulation and blood flow and essentially protect the blood vessels from the possible damage that can occur from the ageing process.

This combination helps to improve blood flow into the vessel and enhances the vessels responsiveness to that flow. And that helps to achieve and sustain better erections.

Prelox Side Effects

Should not pose a problem to health or cause any adverse reaction if taken as recommended.

Does Prelox Work

Does contain two of the most potent ingredients designed to aid male sexual virility, but both L-Arginine and Pycnogenol are used in a majority of over the counter or non prescription male virility supplements.

Lacks some real potency to be considered a real contender for a natural alternative to Viagra or Cialis.

Where To Buy Prelox

Purchase can be made from high street stores of Holland and Barrett or online from the official website. Prices start at around £35.00 for one packet (one month supply.)

Recommended Alternative

Male Extra BottlesMale Extra is a UK produced natural alternative to Viagra that contains some of the most beneficial ingredients to male virility.

Male Extra contains a high concentration of Pomegranate and Zinc. Pomegranate when consumed regularly in high dosages can have a profound effect on overcoming erectile dysfunction and provide a solution to the misery of the inability to maintain an erection.

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