Peyronie’s Treatment Without Surgery In UK

bent Penis best treatments no surgeryOne of the most common and obvious treatments to cure or treat Peyronie’s disease (bent or curved penis) is via surgery.

Surgery is expensive, evasive and can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. Penile corrective surgery has a success rate of approximately 50% – of the 50% unsuccessful operations a fairly high proportion of these can often leave the patient with a deformity, discomfort and even a loss of sensation to the penis.

Successful penile corrective procedures can often leave the patient with another problem. Shortening of the penis can often occur – in some cases a loss of 4cm have been reported.

If you have a curvature of the penis, consider penile corrective surgery as a last resort.

“Penis traction can not only straighten a curvature but also add length and girth to your penis”

What Is Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s is a condition in which the penis bends, typically as a result of a lump or plaque forming within the soft tissue of the penis, forcing it to curve at an angle and creating the illusion that the penis is shorter than it really is. Read more about Peyronie’s Disease

Best And Safest Treatment For Peyronie’s

Over the last decade a new treatment has become available as an alternative to surgery – Penis Traction.

Penis traction can not only correct a curvature but increase penis size (add length and girth) – Penis traction is considered to be the best non surgical alternative for straightening a curved penis.

The penis traction devices mechanism of action has been used by plastic surgeons for years for regeneration of tissue and skin graft surgeries. The device employs the medical principal of traction to stimulate healthy growth of the corpus cavernosum and the rest of the penile tissues.

The Sizegenetics traction device is a medically developed product using clinically endorsed components.

  • Sizegenetics and peyronie'sMedical backup: safe treatment with effective results
  • Scientific assessments:   positive results have been corroborated by international studies
  • Manufacture standard: certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI)
  • Quality standard: maximum confidentiality and unmatched customer service

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