Bathmate Penis Enlargement Pump Review

Bathmate penis pumpPenis pumps have always had a reputation to be difficult to use and can be painful, clumsy and produce unsatisfying results.

The Bathmate penis enlargement pumps addresses all three problems but doesn’t exactly live up to expectation.

The Bathmate is produced by UltraMax, it is the UK’s best selling penis pump if not the world – best selling does not necessarily equate to best product though!

It is one of only a handful of penis pumps that can be used underwater or submerged using the latest Hydro-Technology.

How Does The Bathmate Penis Pump Work

The manufacturers stress that their penis pump works much quicker than most penis enlargement techniques.

They go on to describe how the the penis is divided into three chambers. There are two large ones named the Corpora Cavernosa which make up the erectile tissue and surround the smaller Corpus Spongiosum.

The Corpus Spongiosum is used for urination and ejaculation. It is the Corpora Cavernosa that is responsible for the blood spaces that fill to capacity to cause the erection.

The Bathmate increases the size of the Corpora Cavernosa in order for it to be capable of holding more blood and increase the blood flow. An increased blood flow to the penis has a direct result on the size and rigidity of an erection.

Using a penis pump can result in broken blood cells and tissue deformity

Penis Pump Dangers

Perhaps the biggest of using a penis pump (whatever the brand) is the potential risk of injury.

A penis pump uses a vacuum to unnaturally pull or stretch the penis – this can result in broken blood cells and tissue deformity.

Is The Bathmate Worth Buying

Any penis size gained are usually temporary, the penis will revert pack to its original size once the blood has returned to normal.

Penis pumps are a temporary solution that may pose just too high a risk or injury to consider.

Where To Buy Bathmate  Penis Pump

Can be purchased via the high street from various adult themed or oriented shops.

Bathmate can also be purchased direct from the manufacturers here

Alternative Penis Stretching Devices

penis traction better than penis pumpsPenis traction is far more effective method of increasing penis size both permanently and safely.

Penis traction devices are usually around the £200 price mark but are developed and produced using medical grade components.

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