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Jes Extender Review

Jes Extender Penis Enlargement Device

Jes Extender ReviewThe Jes Extender is a close competitor to the penis extension device market leader Size Genetics.

Mid 2009, a milestone of 100,000 units were sold worldwide – an amazing achievement for a product in an industry that due to its adult nature and embarrassment factor is only available to buy online and marketing avenues are somewhat restricted.

The Jes Extender was developed over a decade ago by Jes Bech Müller, a former medical scientist and now CEO of DanaMedic ApS – a scandinavian company specialising in medical apparatus.

The device was initially created to aid and support the penis after penile cosmetic enlargement operations.

Jes Extender – The Original Penis Enlarger

Available to buy direct from the official website only, all orders are processed and shipped with absolute discretion. Prices are quoted in Euros and US dollars but converted to other currencies including £ sterling during the order process

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It became abundantly clear during the product involvement that the device could provide just as much benefit in terms of size increase as a penis enlargement surgical procedure and without the potential risk of injury, permanent disfigurement and loss of sensation.

Jes Extender penis enlarger in the sunThe Jes-Extender is the original penis traction product on the market.

The quality of the Jes-Extender can still rival and in most cases exceed products that have been introduced in the male enhancement market over the last few years.

Although male enhancement products are unlikely to feature in the mainstream media – the Jes Extender is one possible exceptions to the rule.

Jes Extender Safe Effective Penis Enlargement

The Jes Extender is clinically proven, adheres to European and international safety regulations and is backed by a money back guarantee.

So confident are  DanaMedic that they offer a double money back guarantee if you fail to see an improvement in size, be-it length or girth after the suggested 1000 hours of usage.

Jes Extender Can Also Treat Penile Curvature

The Jes extender is not solely aimed at penis enlargement but penis improvement. The rather embarrassing and little known affliction of Peyronie’s disease can be treated using the device.

Peyronie’s disease is a bend or curvature of the penis that effects 1 in every 100 men worldwide. It is a problem that often goes unsolved as many men prefer not to reveal even to their GP that their most masculine of attributes may not be considered anything but perfect.

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How Does Jes Extender Work

How does Jes Extender penis enlarger workThe device is based on traction – a thousand year old technique used my many tribesmen and woman around the world to elongate and enlarge parts of their bodies and integrated with medical science that has evolved over the last quarter of a century to help patients with stunted limbs, bone fractures and major burns.

For a better and more detailed explanation as to how traction can increase penis size – read about Penis Enlargement Traction

More importantly does it work

The Jes Extender is one of the most successful non surgical male enhancement methods available. There are countless success stories.

Testimonials on official product websites can be prone to over elaboration or falsification. Jes, however have introduced an open forum where users and potentials customers can post comments – good, bad or indifferent in relative anonymity. Visit Jes Extender Forum

Where To buy Jes Extender

Buy Jes Extender penis enlargerThe device can be purchased from the official website.

Orders can placed online or via the telephone, although customers from the UK should be advised that DanaMedic is a Danish company and so all telephone conversions will be routed to Denmark.

The price for the device is in euros and varies in £ (pounds Stirling) depending on the exchange rate – currently the entry level device cost around 179 euros.

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Wow Willy Penis Enlargement Selfridges

Willy Wow Penis Enlargement In Selfridges

Wow Willy Review10 years after the first penis enlargement device was introduced to the world, the rather taboo and delicate subject of penis enlargement has finally hit the mainstream.

The aptly named Wow Willy is to go on sale in Selfridges priced at around £250.

This will be first male enhancement or penis enlarger to be able to buy on the high street.

Buy Wow Willy Online (Andro Penis Oem)

WoW Willy is a branded version of AndroPenis the scientifically produced traction device from Andro Medical – it is the brainchild of husband and wife run Harley Fit, a health company supplying products aimed at weight loss and body scans…. and now male enhancement.

“Have You Got A Small Penis…..

Penis enlarger advertised in Mtro available in SlefridgesMetro London, the free London based newspaper popular with commuters were the first to break the news that penis enlargement and traction is slowly starting to be taken seriously.

More about Penis Traction

A rather odd but entirely understood misconception considering the high proportion of spurious male enhancement pills, patches and potions available – mainly from the Unites States

Penis enlargement and products surrounding it are very much something that are usually ordered via the internet – whether a high street presence will be success, Selfridges or otherwise, remains to be seen.

Certain products that could be subject to the embarrassment factor could be better off sticking to the anonymity of the internet.

The newly appointed sales manager (of WoW Willy) Jojo Kovacs joked “I will just walk up to a gentlemen in the vicinity and ask him … do you have a small penis” This tactic is sure to be met with high degree of approval from casual male shoppers.

So Do Penis Enlargement Devices Actually Work

Andro ExtenderPenis enlargement devices, also know as traction devices are (aside from surgery) the most effective way to increase penis length and girth.

Penis enlargement surgery carries a quicker potential reward but higher risk of damage, serious disfigurement and possible loss of  sensation – the success rate in the UK is just above 50% – so your odds of a successful penis enlargement operation are slightly better than evens.

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Penis Enlargement Devices Are Recognised By The Medical Profession

The technology used is based on traction, slowly creating additional capacity for blood vessels to expand into and promote skin growth – this kind of technology has been used for the last 25 years to help burns victims grow addition skin cells.

Traction has also been used for hundreds if not thousands of years by African and Asian tribesmen and women to elongate parts of their bodies. Traction slowly increased over time creates a permanent elongation and enlargement to the area where traction is applied.

Penis enlargement traction has been used in both the UK, Europe and the United States since 2001.

Where To Buy The Wow Willy Penis Enlarger

The products are available to purchase from the London Selfridges store.

Online purchases can made direct from the AndroPenis Website.

For those who cannot wait and would prefer the more anonymous and potentially less embarrassing purchasing experience the SizeGenetics device is available via the official SizeGentics website.

Sizegenetics or WoW Willy enlargement deviceSizeGenetics, like the Wow Willy device is an Andro Medical product – it is available worldwide carries all necessary accreditation’s and has a money back guarantee. It is also around £40 cheaper.

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