Penis Enlargement The Misconceptions

Across the ages humankind has often been prepared to make up for any shortage of information with a mix of intuition, reduction, observation and outright invention that is generally called parable. Their purpose is to fill a gap either in knowledge or in morals.

A fine example of a widespread parable which has no real basis and is intended to enforce a specific kind of behaviour is the old proverb that masturbation makes men go blind. In truth a Swiss consultant Samuel-Auguste Tissot related in 1760 that his studies showed clearly that masturbation causes a perceptible reduction of strength, of memory and even of reason, blurred vision, all of the nervous illnesses, weakening of the sex organs derangement of the appetite, headaches and a great number of other anomalies.

It does not need to be said that most men living today know better than to believe that. But grown men themselves are not spared the worry that legends should put into their souls.

Another widespread parable says that lack of sex over a longer period of time would definitely cause the penis or testicles to shrink. However, neither penis nor testicles size is in no way linked to the frequency of sex sessions or anything else of this sort.

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Again, there’s no systematic proof that penis size is related to that of any piece of the body. Essentially, studies conducted by mavens found a feeble relationship at most between the dimensions of the penis and the size of a person’s feet.

This implies the rule is good for, doubtless, one man in one hundred. Less known legends also have their fans. Some men think that drinking water can help enlarge the penis, which isn’t true. While other muscles in the body can grow with help from additional oxygen and water delivered by additions or tablets, this isn’t the case with the penis.

The sponge-like tissues called Corpora Cavernosa are not engineered to hold blood or any other liquid permanently, but only so long as sexual kick happens. While penis enlargement exercises share some features with the regular body building strategies, adding water to gain size isn’t among them.

The speed of the enlargement process can be increased with help from penis enlargement tablets that augment the flow of blood to the crotch and make sure production of testosterone by the body is at the right level. The final analysis is, naturally, that no-one should put any stock in legends. This way you will find that many fables per the penis are just exactlly that, misconceptions

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