Why does my man not want to have sex

Low male sex driveWhile the phrase ‘Not tonight dear, I have a headache’ is most (supposedly) uttered by women, it is found that one in five men actually would rather do anything else but have sex.

In fact, 30% of women were reported to have more interest in sex than their partners. They say that their men simply have no drive for it and find it hard to be turned on.

Low libido, or a low sex drive, is caused by both physical and psychological issues.

From the physical aspect, age is the most common cause and this is most likely related to possible erectile dysfunction problems that the man might already have.

Being overweight, an alcoholic or a drug user also increases one’s chances of having a low sex drive.

Several illnesses also contribute to the drop in libido among men, namely diabetes, anaemia and hyperprolactinaemia, which is a rare disease where a high level of the prolactin hormone is produced by the pituitary gland.

While some drugs treat one condition, it brings along with it side effects. Proscar, which is used to treat prostate problems, is known to cause a drop in sex drive among men.

Some experts in the field claim that the brain is actually the most powerful sex organ.

Scientifically explained, this is because the brain’s chemical messaging system is related to one’s sexual desire.

Dopamine, which is one of the messengers mentioned, is noted to be able to ignite sexual desire in patients with Parkinson’s Disease who have lost their sexual drives.

This shows that the brain does in fact play a significant role in sexual development and behaviour.

Mental health is vital in maintaining one’s libido.

If a man suffers from depression, naturally he would not have the interest in sexual relationships.

Stress, anxiety and being overworked are common causes too, and this could cause a rift in a relationship, if there isn’t already one that prevents a man from having a sex drive as normal as his peers.

While there are causes that cannot be avoided, there are indeed steps that one can take to maintain a healthy sex drive, such as by practising a healthy and balanced diet in order to stay free from illnesses that can affect one’s libido.

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