Diagnosis and treatment of low sperm count

Low Sperm countDifficulty getting pregnant is an indication of low sperm count.

When the woman has been examined and certified that her sexual health is well, it is most likely that the man would have a low sperm count.

A low sperm count is defined as having less than 20 million sperm per millilitre.

With a sperm count below this quantity, methods such as having a balanced diet and keeping a healthy lifestyle might not be effective in improving the quantity and motility of the sperm.

If you suspect that you have a low sperm count, a visit to the doctor will be enough to verify if you indeed do. At the doctor’s, he will perform a physical examination on your reproductive organs.

You will also be required to give a semen sample, where it would be sent to the lab for analysis of the sperm and its count. You may be required to give more than one sample as sperm counts can greatly vary from each sample.

The doctor would also want to find out more on you sexual health and history. Your partner may be required to be present as well so that the sexual history can be understood better and to ascertain the cause of infertility.

If the results of the lab test indicate that the sperm count is less than 20 million sperm per millilitre, which is the level to be considered low for sperm count, a proper course of treatment should be started.

One of the solutions is to be initiated on semen enhancement pills meant to enhance sperm.

Such pills contain zinc which is vital for increasing sperm count and revitalising the semen.

Vitamin C is another core ingredient which improves the quality and the motility of sperm, as well as protects the DNA contained in the sperm from harm.

Effective treatment would result in the overall improvement of male fertility.

This includes an increase in the number of sperm and its quality and motility.

One will find that he has more stamina too and a higher desire for sexual relationships.

Although there are numerous semen enhancement pills advertised on the Internet, oral medications are not to be taken without consulting your doctor despite claims that the products are entirely safe and are approved by FDA.

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