Make My Erection Last Longer

Losing my erectionOne is the biggest sexual problems that face a large number of men is the durability of their erections.

Erectile dysfunction can happen in many forms and is not just focused towards the older generation, it can happen to any age group and happen suddenly.

Unless there is some underlying illness or physical condition most males can gain an erection quickly but keeping it long to last past the foreplay stage is often a major concern and can put a strain on a relationship.

Why Do I keep Losing My Erection

There are many contributing factors both physical and mental. Poor diet and lack of exercise is often give as the most frequent cause.

One of the second biggest causes is poor blood flow.

The penis is a pretty uncomplicated piece of human machinery – to operate as the maximum it needs to fill with blood.

Erections are caused by the flow of blood into the 3 chambers of the penis. The corpora cavernosa are 2 columns of spongy tissue that constitute 90% of the erectile tissue of the penis.

The corpus spongiosum run along side the urethra and holds only about 10% of the blood present in the penis during erection.

During sexual stimulation, the smooth muscles lining the veins of the arteries begin to relax. This in turn causes blood to flow in. The veins of the penis begin to constrict allowing blood to flow in forming the basis of an erection.

The pressure of blood flow depicts the size and strength of an erection.

If you suffer from a poor quality erection seriously consider a supplement to increase your blood flow.

One of the popular an widely used supplements is Viagra. Viagra can increase blood flow significantly but is a drug class medication.

Vigara is available only after GP consultation and subsequent prescription.

Male Extra for help with poor erection qualityThere are however several other natural supplements that do need doctor consultation.

One such product is Male Extra. Male Extra is combination of several of the most potent ingredients aimed at improving not only blood flow but libido and male sexual prowess.

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