Handsome Up 2 Penis Enlarger Review

Handsome Up 2 penis Enlargement PumpPenis Enlargement devices are split into two genres – penis enlargement traction devices and penis pumps or vacuum pumps.

The Handsome Up 2 Deluxe is a penis pump.

There are some pretty horrendous, low quality and cheap penis pumps on the market but thankfully these are balanced by some superior branded products.

The Handsome Up 2 is a superior penis enlargement vacuum pump but does have irritating flaws – perhaps the biggest is its rather steep price tag (around £180).

“There is no other penis pump on the market which is as smart and innovative as the Handsome Up 2 Deluxe Kit”

What is The Handsome Up 2 Deluxe Kit

Advertised as one of the most sophisticated vacuum pump enlargement devices on the market and produced from high quality materials it is also presented in an elegant lockable metal case.

The kit is both robust and comes as standard with a multitude of attachments and fittings to fit every kind of size and shape.

The development rings are colour coded for measuring progress and there is an instructional CD-rom in English that is very professionally narrated.

  • Colour Coded Progress rings
  • Strong Polycarbonate cylinder and loader
  • Hand pump and pressure gauge
  • Lockable and discreet metal case
  • CD-Rom instructions
  • Comes with powder and lubricants

How Does The Handsome Up 2 Penis Pump Work

A majority of penis pumps employ the use of a cylinder that when placed over your penis will create a vacuum effect.

“The Size of Your Erection Is Dependant On the Flow Of Blood To Your Penis

Handsome Up 2 Penis PumpSqueezing the attached hand pump you can control the amount of pressure applied by watching the gauge rise.

The hand pump is calibrated so just enough pressure can be exerted to slowly draw the air of the cylinder that in turn causes an increase of blood flow to the penis.

Your penis is dependant on blood flowing into the two spongy chambers (corpora cavernosa) that run along your penis shaft for changing its state from flaccid to erect. The more blood that flows into the penis chambers the harder the erection.

When blood flows through the penis shaft, the erectile tissues expand to accommodate the inflow of blood. If you use the pump regularly, you can cause this tissue expansion to become permanent, and you will be able to enjoy a larger penis size and stronger, fuller erections.

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How Long Until I See The Results

Penis pumps are not the quickest form of penis enlargement – regular use of 3 to 5  times a week is the suggested usage frequency.

A harder erection can be experienced almost immediately after usage – these initial gains are only temporary and the flaccid penis size will remain unaffected as for the first few weeks the skin tissue along and around the penis will not have been stretched sufficiently.

A 4 to 6 month usage period is recommended to experience a permanent penis enlargement experience.

How Much Bigger Will My Penis Be

There is no short or definite answer to the is question – a percentage penis size increase of approximately 20 – 30% could be expected if the penis pump is used as recommended.

Handsome Up 2 Dangers or Side Effects

Penis pumps can cause injury if not used correctly, unlike penis enlargement traction devices, penis pumps rely on manually setting a pressure – too little pressure and the time spent using the pump will be wasted – too much and burst blood vessels could occur.

Is The Handsome 2 Penis Pump Recommended

If there were no such products involving traction then yes – so long as the possible dangers and risks of broken blood vessels are understood.

Where To Buy Handsome 2 Deluxe Penis Pump

Buy Handsome Up 2 Deluxe UkStockists of male health products and particularly penis enlargement or penis enhancement products are not widely in the high street due to their rather embarrassing and delicate nature.

Reputable online specialists such as ShyToBuy stock the Handsome Up 2 Penis Pump along with many other male and female enhancement products.

Other Penis Enlargement Methods

Baring surgery penis traction is the quickest form of permanent penis enlargement.

Penis surgery offers a high risk of injury whereas superior penis traction devices are quality assured and so completely safe to use.

One of the most effective Penis Traction devices is the SizeGenetics system.

SizeGenetics or Handsome 2Recently the SizeGenetics traction device was featured on Channels 4’s Extreme Male Beauty.

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