Supplements For Erection Problems High Street

erection supplements on the high streetErection problems are still considered a taboo subject and so the choices for finding a supplement on the high street are rather limited.

Two of the most natural stockists within the UK are Holland and Barrett and Superdrug – but even these two do not prominently display products for treating erectile dysfunction in all stores and to make matters worse it can be a tad embarrassing to confront a member of staff and the question.

The most well known of erectile dysfunction treatments is of course Viagra – but Viagra is not available to all, it is a prescription only drug and cannot be bought over the counter and near impossible to buy legitimately via the internet.

Generic Viagra is available to buy online but this is not Viagra, it is a replica. Viagra is manufactured by Pfizer inc, if it is not absolutely that you are buying Pfizer branded Viagra – do not buy.

High Street Alternatives To Viagra

So what are the alternatives to Viagra available on the high street.

Holland & Barrett and Superdrug both cannot sell original Viagra over the counter but do have a several alternatives, these are usually herbal based products, in truth, most of these are not great and have a moderate level of success.

PreloxOne such product is Prelox – Prelox is herbal based and is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol. When combined they increase nitric oxide production, stimulate circulation and blood flow and essentially protect the blood vessels from the possible damage that can occur from the ageing process.

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male extraMale Extra is also naturally produced, but using a high concentration of pomegranate. Pomegranate when taken in large dosages can have a similar effect to Viagra but without the potential of the side effects that can often be caused by the drug.

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