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Spider Venom Viagra 4 Hour Erections

Spider Venom Good For Erection Problems

Scientists have now found a possible link between spider venom and a possible treatment for erection problems (erectile dysfunction)

Just one bite from the Brazilian wandering spider (also known as the armed spider, banana spider or Phoneutria nigriventer) has been shown to cause erections that can last up to 4 hours in duration.

The spider is native to South and Central America.

Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia are studying the spider and believe the species contains a possible breakthrough in a the treatment for erectile dysfunction.

“when a human is bitten by this spider, we can observe many different symptoms including priapism, a condition in which the penis is continually erect.’

Dr Kenia Nunes, one of the physiologists responsible for the study said “The venom is extremely rich and can cause several side effects – when a human is bitten by this spider, we can observe many different symptoms including priapism, a condition in which the penis is continually erect.”

Could Snake Venom Be The New Viagra

Its very early days – the study is still in its preliminaries.

Another substance that has shown tremendous promise as a possible alternative to Viagra is Pomegranate.

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Erectile Dysfunction ED

Erectile Dysfunction – what increases my risks

Erectile DysfunctionAlso known as impotence, erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual activity.

Results from conducted studies show that it affects 30 million men in the United States and around 5 million in the UK.

Most men would have experienced erectile dysfunction several times by the time they reach the age of 45.

Nevertheless, experts expect this figure to be understated due to the reluctance of men to approach and discuss their problems with their physicians. This indicates that erectile dysfunction could be suffered by a much bigger population out there.

There are several degrees of severity of erectile dysfunction. Some men are totally unable to achieve an erection, some face this problem occasionally while some are able to get an erection but are not able maintain it long enough for satisfactory sexual activities.

Man womanAn erection begins when a man is sexually aroused or stimulated. Sexual stimulation can be both physically (for example, by having contact with the penis) or mentally (for example, by having fantasies or erotic thoughts).

When these happen, electrical impulses are generated by the nerves in the penis that allow the muscles to relax and allow a rapid flow of blood into the penis. This blood fills the corpora cavernosa, causing the penis to expand.

The ability to achieve and maintain an erection relies on the health of the nervous system that takes charge of the generation of the nerve impulses in the penis, the health of the arteries in the corpora cavernosa and its surrounding area, the muscles and tissues in the corpora cavernosa itself and the levels of nitric oxide in the penis.

Possible Causes Of ED

A deterioration of one or more of these can result in erectile dysfunction. Various factors contribute to the deterioration of these factors, the main one being age. As one ages, the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure increases.

Erectile dysfunction is strongly associated with these illnesses. Age itself is also a contributing factor as the tissues in the corpora cavernosa start to have less compliance and nerves perform less effectively with the decreased levels of nitric oxide.

Habits and behaviours are also contributing factors for erectile dysfunction.

Smoking erection problemsSmoking, alcoholism and substance abuse lead to the inability to achieve and sustain an erection as nerves are damaged and the risk of atherosclerosis is increased. Certain medication have also been known to cause erectile dysfunction, namely high blood pressure drugs, appetite suppressants, antihistamines and tranquilizers.

It is therefore best to consult the prescribing doctor on the effects of any prescription given.

Prescription Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra EDViagra is the most commonly prescribed treatment for erectile dysfunction.

It is estimated that 9 tablets are dispensed every second worldwide.

Viagra although effective does have one or tow caveats attached that potential users should be mindful of before taking.

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Ejaculation Problems What Are The Causes

Ejaculation Problems

ejaculation problemsAn ejaculation is the release of seminal fluid or sperm from the penis when climax or orgasm has been reached.

Ejaculation for a male lasts only a few moments but it is the timings of ejaculations than can be crucial.

A high proportion of men will suffer from ejaculation problems at some point in their lifetime.

Many men will prefer not resolve any such problems and continue to suffer unnecessarily due to the delicate and embarrassing subject matter.

“It is estimated that a man will ejaculate or climax before his female partner in almost half of all sexual encounters.”

There are basically three distinct type of ejaculation problems that could occur.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is the early or involuntary release (ejaculation) of seminal fluid. Studies and surveys have indicated  that around a third of all sexually active men experience this at some point in their life.

Most males are not entirely sure how long sex should last before ejaculation. Studies have also indicated that the average time for sexual intercourse and ejaculation was just over 5 minutes.

However, most experts are of the opinion that setting a timescale for climaxing is meaningless, and that the individual (and his partner) should decide whether they’re happy with the time it takes for him to ejaculate.

It is estimated that a man will ejaculate or climax before his female partner in almost half of all sexual encounters.

Delayed Ejaculation

To a lesser extent and quite the opposite to premature ejaculation is delayed ejaculation. This is when a man has extreme difficulty ejaculating during sexual relation even though he may be very aroused and has a normal erection.

A UK study revealed that around 1 in every 20 men have this problem at some time in their life.

Certain health conditions, such as diabetes, and certain medicines, such as those that treat high blood pressure, can cause premature or delayed ejaculation. But in the majority of cases, the causes are psychological and treatable.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Possibly the rarest and littlest known of  ejaculation problem is retrograde ejaculation. Instead of seminal fluid being released from the aperture at the end of the urethra (the tube that passes from the bladder through the penis, and carries urine), it can reverse and travel to the bladder.

The sensation of climax is still experienced but there is no, or very little, sperm. This problem does not create any great danger to health, but it can affect the ability to reproduce.

Many ejaculation problems can be resolved with simple self-help techniques, but see your GP if you feel that it is severe, or if it is ongoing.

The overriding fact to remember is that almost all ejaculation problems are treatable.