V-RX Performance Pack Review

V-RX performance pack reviewThe V-RX Performance Pack is three products in one designed to spice up your sex life and remove the frustration of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The Performance pack contains:

  • 2 V-RX natural capsules
  • 1 sachet of Delay Cream
  • 1 V-RX Oil sachet
  • 3 assorted condoms

The manufacturers claim that this combination product can enhance the length and rigidity of your erection while also increasing your sexual stamina and achieving moire control over your erections.

V-RX Capsules

All natural and herbal ingredients that can stimulate the soft tissue surrounding your penis by relaxing the arteries. This causes the blood flow to your penis to increase and allows you to achieve a harder erection.

V-RX Capsules Side Effects

Should not pose any health risks if taken as suggested. Some treatments aimed at increasing the blood flow to the penis can cause headache, blurred vision or dizziness. If any of these symptoms occur cease taking immediately.

V-RX Delay Cream

The delay cream can make your penis to not so sensative, allowing you to control your ejaculation better and help prevent premature ejaculation. This sachet of cream can be applied to help build your stamina so you and your partner can climax together.

V-RX Oil

A lubricant that can give you a sexual boost. This happens when its active ingredient, l – arginine, an amino acid, converts into nitric oxide. This lube also makes pelvic thrusting smoother for vaginal and anal sex.

Does The V-RX Performance Pack Work

The performance pack does a feel a touch gimmicky with just a small sample of each product included. Not enough to warrant any real recommendation.

Where To Buy V-RX Performance Pack

Available to buy online at most specialist male enhancement stockists.

Other Products To Consider

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Male Extra included a high concentration of Pomegranate, regarded to be natures equivalent to Viagra

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