Penis Enhancement Patches

Do Penis Patches WorkPenis Enhancement Patches are primarily to enhance the sexual performance rather than increase penis size.

Patches are a relatively new addition to the industry but nevertheless a welcome one.

Penis Enhancement patches contain similar if not identical ingredients to tablet or pill form products – it is just the delivery method that is different.

“Penis enhancement and penis enlargement”

A patch, just as with a pill, can permanently increase the size of your penis and increase the rigidity of your erection.

How do penis patches workPenis patches use a method of delivery called Transdermal Technology or the Transdermal Delivery System – transdermal means via the skin.

The Transdermal Delivery System is used in many other medicinal and herbal products where medication, treatment or a tonic needs to be administered.

The most obvious examples being to treat addiction such as nicotine or to treat the effects of obesity or overidulgence – nicotine patches and slimming patches.

How Do Penis Enlargement Patches Work

A penis enhancement patch can worn on any part of the body – the common are is somewhere that is hidden away under clothing, usually the stomach, torso or upper arm.

Patches are usually applied and worn for up to 48 hours before the ingredients are totally administered.

how do penis enhancement patches work

A patch, once in place will deliver its ingredients into the bloodstream directly without the need to first travel through the stomach.

Expert within the indutsry are split as to whether a patch can outperform the more traditional pill or tablet form medication.

Penis patches, just as with their pill counterparts, contain ingredients that stimulate and increase blood flow to the Corpora Cavernosa (the two chambers that run the length of the penis.) This increase in blood flow can stretch the tissue of the penis and create additional capacity.

Do Penis Patches Actually Work

The delivery method used by patches is causing much debate – the general census of opinion is between which method of administering ingredients is more effective.

Tablet or pill form medication is mostly considered a stronger and more reliable source – but patch form introduction is arguably quicker.

Premier Brand Penis Enhancement Patches

ProEnhance – The leading penis patch product aimed at improving your sexual perfromance.

ProEnhance Patch ReviewProEnhance is a US based company but ships worldwide (including the UK)

The guarantee period is a full 6 months – all that the manufacturers ask is that you use as recommended for at least 3 months – if you are not satisfied you are within your rights to return for a full refund.

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