Penis Exercise Programmes And DVD’s

Exercises to increase and enlarge penis sizePossibly the most cost effective, safest and effective method to enlarge or increase definition of your penis is by exercising.

Penis exercises or penis exercise programmes are not just aimed at the enlargement process  but targeted towards keeping your geatest bodily asset functioning at the optimum.

Penis exercises are very much en vogue – mens fitness magazines such as GQ regularly run articles detailing the various ways to manually and safely enhance your sexual performance.

“Every Part Of The Human Anatomy Can Be Improved With Exercise”

An exercise program aimed at increasing or enlarging penis size may seem at first seem to be more titillation than a serious product but every other part of the human anatomy that has tissue, skin and sinew can be improved – incuding your penis.

What Are Penis Exercises

Penis ExercisingThe primary aim of any type of exercise is to improve or increase blood circulation.

Couple this with a healthy diet and the greatest two elements that provide human beings with the ability to live longer, function better and feel better are covered.

If you are familiar with taking regular exercise the principle is no different – the main differentiator being you cannot exercise your penis in a public place!

So very much an exercise regime that requires solitude rather than community.

Penis exercises require about 20 minutes each and every day or every other day. The reward to effort ratio is identical to the reward to effort ratio you would normally expect with a regular workout be it at the gymnasium or at home.

Twenty first century modern man is concerned about his appearance – the last ten years have witnessed a dramatic increase in cosmetic products aimed exclusively fot men.

It is pity that the main stream media still considers penis health to still be taboo.

Types Of Penis Exercises

There are several commonly used techniques that if applied seriously can have a profound effect on not only your sexual performance but the definition or size of your penis.


Jelqing is possibly the best known and widely practised form of penis exercise.

jelqing involves movements similar to “milking” your penis to increase the blood flow into the Corpora Covernosa (the part of your penis that is filled with blood and enlarged during erections) ultimately making the capacity of your penis increase

The important fact is that jelqing, if performed regularly, can permanently increase the size of Corpora Covernosa and your penis size in both length and girth.

Kegal Exercises

Kegel Exercises are not centred around the penis but the pubococcygeus muscle. This is used to delay erections and ejaculation.

Kegal exercise are not aimed at increasing or enlarging, but more towards improving sexual stamina.

Penis Stretching

There are several types of penis stretching exercises but their basic principle is the same – stretching the tissues and sinues of your penis.

Stretching makes cells composing your penis grow increasing the length and girth of your penis.

Recommended Penis Exercise Programmes

Penis Health Exercise ProgrammePenis Health – A premier UK focused penis exercise and maintenance programme featuring over 30 videos containing the most effective methods for increasing penis size, improving sexual performance and treating Peyroni’e disease.

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