Penis Enlargement Devices – Penis Traction

Penis traction devicePenis Traction Devices – also known as Penis enlargement devices either use traction technology or some form of stretching.

Traction is possibly the most effective method for carrying out any kind of of corrective procedure of the penis.

It can be used for purely  vanity reasons or to put right a curvature to the penis also known as Peyronie’s disease.

More about Peyronie’s Disease

The use of traction can be administered either by an individual in the comfort and privacy of their own home or at a clinic.

Traction is not a newly discovered technique – the medical profession have been using stretching technology for over half a century to encourage and promote skin growth used in procedures to treat burns victims after skin grafts.

Traction if a safer, more cost effective alternative to penile surgery.

Thai Paduang women place rings around their necks to stretch and elongate themThe origins of traction go back further still, African tribespeople have been using traction for centuries to elongate  and stretch certain areas of their bodies, usually their lips, nose and ears.

Thai Paduang women are famed for their elegant, long and slender necks – gold rings are used over time to create the effect.

The traction process creates a permenant effect.

Once the ring or device used is removed from the body part, it will stay in its elongated shape.

Penis Traction – How Does It Work

Traction is a process of pulling a body part in a controlled and consistent manner in such a way that skin tissue multiplies to fill the extra expanse that the traction has created. Additional blood vessels fill the new volume increasing capacity.

There is part of the penis called the corpora cavernosa (two chambers that run along the shaft of the penis) these chambers expand in capacity by the flow and force of blood.

As the corpora cavernosa tissue composite is extremely elastic, over time the frequent flow and force of blood increases size of these two chambers.

Penis anatomy corpora cavernosa

A simpler explanation is to imagine a balloon that is constantly inflated and deflated by the same person – the inflated volume should be the same time after time if identical air pressure is exerted.

By using traction and making the potential expanse greater there is more capacity to be filled.

Are There Any Dangers To Using A Penis Traction Device

Any procedure used to alter the physical appearance is not without some kind of risk.

The penis is an extremely delicate part of the anatomy. It is strongly advised that any stretching, traction or enlarging is practised in a controlled environment and by the use of a device that carries all the neccessary health and safety accreditation.

Do not under any circumstances hang weights from your penis.

Strange as it may seem an alarmingly high number of men are admitted to hospital each year with injuries attributed to the use of “weight hanging.” Weight hanging carries a serious risk of penile damage and loss of sensitivity.

Can A Penis Traction Device Produce A Permanent Increase

Barring a surgical procedure, a traction device is the most likely method to add both additional length and girth to your penis.

Traction devices provide a safer, more cost effective solution to potentially problematic penile surgery.

Time and application have to be added into the equation – a traction devide will only prove a success if at least 4 to 6 months is allocated.

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SizeGenetics the best penis enlargement deviceSizeGenetics is manufactured and distributed within the UK. Classed as a Medical Device Type 1 and approved for efficacy, the Sizegenetics traction device is available to buy direct and appropriate for home use.

Barring surgery the SizeGenetics device  offers the highest success rate compared to any other product currently within the commecial world.

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