Causes and treatment of low sperm count

Low Sperm ProductionA man is considered to have a low sperm count, or oligozoospermia, when he has less than 20 million spermatozoa per millilitre of ejaculate.

Low sperm count is one of the leading causes of male infertility. A low sperm count can be both a temporary condition, yet permanent as well.

Almost every male would know by now that high temperatures cause a decrease in sperm production.

This is why men have been discouraged from wearing tight-fitting underwear or sitting for a long period of time, especially perched on the saddle of bicycles for hours.

Cycling and low sperm countCycling has also been blamed quite often for the damage to the nerves and blood vessels. The low sperm count can also be attributed to a genetic or hormonal disorder, such as Klinefelter’s syndrome.

If the testicle has suffered injury through sports or any other activities, there is likelihood that sperm production will be affected. And as always, smoking, the use of drugs and excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a low sperm count, just as how these could cause premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction.

It is also important that men get a balanced diet for malnutrition especially of vitamin C, zinc and selenium could lead to a low sperm count.

With the heavy levels of pollution these days, radiation, environmental toxins and heavy metal are starting to affect testicular function and the hormone system, leading to the drop in sperm count.

Coupled with the sedentary lifestyles that people lead these days, obesity is a common problem faced and is another cause for low sperm count.

Men who are fatigued mentally and physically will have trouble conceiving later, and this worsens if they are taking prescription medications that happen to affect their sperm count. There certainly are a high number of causes of a low sperm count.

Knowing the causes, prevention and treatment of low sperm count is not difficult.

While there are causes that are difficult to pinpoint and respond to treatment, it does not mean that low sperm count is not at all untreatable. For starters, men should consume a balanced diet preferably high in vegetables and grains.

Smoking, drugs and alcohols have always been no-no’s while exercise is vital in shedding off excess weight. It is also advisable to reduce stress levels and stay free of activities that can increase the temperature of the testicles.

This includes saunas, hot tubs and tight underwear. A gap of three days between ejaculations is also advisable to keep in order to improve the quantity and quality of sperm.

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