Curve In Penis How To Treat

penile curvature penis curvePenile curvature or having a curve or bend in your penis is a condition that effects every other male to some degree according to estimations. Thats 50% of the adult male population.

Some penis curves can be very pronounced while others, negligible – the percentage of suffers could be higher as many view the condition as highly embarrassing and choose to let the condition go untreated.

Having a slight curve in your penis is considered normal– if it does not effect you adversely either psychologically or physically by preventing sexual intercourse no treatment need be sought.

However more angulated curves or bends can be very painful and treatment or a cure should be sought. There is absolutely no need to suffer.

Curved Penis – Peyronie’s Disease

The medical term for the condition is Peyronie’s disease.

Peyronie’s disease is the build up of plaque or hard fibrous scar tissue that develops in on area of the penis. This causes the penis to become less flexible in one area causing it to bend or curve in a certain direction.

severe curve in penis

Nor all penis curves are Peyronie’s – identified Peyronie’s cases are something like 1 in every 100 males.

Peyronie’s can be treated either by penis cosmetic surgery or penis traction.

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How To Cure A Penis Curve

The two most popular and effective non surgical methods for treating or curing a slight curve in the penis are Penis Exercising or Penis Traction.

Penis Exercise To Cure A Curved Penis

penis exercising to cure a curve in penisPenis Exercising is the most cost effective but time consuming.

Spending 20 minutes per day practising techniques can help the two chambers that run along the shaft of the penis to become balanced.

Concentrating on the shorter of the two chambers can also add a slight size increase.

Just as with every other part of the human anatomy, the penis can be improved with adequate exercise.

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Penis Traction To Treat A Curved Penis

Penis traction to cure a penis curvePenis Traction is possibly the most effective and safest method of correcting a curve in the penis.

Penis traction is aimed at curing Peyronie’s disease – but also highly effective at straightening a mild or slight curve.

Penis traction devices are recognised by the medical professional and some have been in existence for over a decade.

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