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Can I Really Increase My Penis Size

Increase Your Penis Size The Proof

Penis Enlargement ProofAdvertising products for a certain part of the male anatomy is tricky to say the least.

The mainstream media is not at a stage of maturity yet that anything penis related is not greeted with a high degree of skepticism and taboo.

Full credit to Channel 4 and to intrepid reporter Tim Shaw for making a documentary type programme with the sole purpose of discovering if Tim (Shaw) could make his own penis bigger in just a few short weeks.

The documentary Extreme Male Beauty shows Tim investigating a number of penis enlargement methods, including the SizeGenetics base device itself and penis exercises, as featured in the PenisHealth programme which is available as part of the SizeGenetics Ultimate System.

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SizeGenetics E-Voucher Code

Sizegenetics e-voucherIf you are considering buying the SizeGenetics penis enlargement traction device there is a special discount E-Voucher code in effect.

Customer can purchase the full system and claim £30 ($50) using the special E-Voucher code ECON8 (click to activate)

Why Buy SizeGenetics

The SizeGenetics penis enlargement system is the UK’s best selling Penis enlarging device that utilises traction technology.

It has been available to buy for over a decade – a product with a 10 year history in the commercial marketplace underlines its worth to the consumer.

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While other competitive products appear and then disappear, SizeGenetics remains.

Penis enlargement does not receive the publicity and press coverage it deserves due to its delicate nature – you will rarely see an advertisement for anything that can increase the size of a penis in the mainstream media.

Where To Buy SizeGenetics UK

Sizegenetcis UKPurchasing options are limited to the official SizeGenetics website.

There are options to buy the full version complete with Penis Health DVD and also options to buy the device only.

If you do wish to purchase visit SizeGenetics UK and dont forget to use the E-Voucher code ECON8

*SizeGenetics is not available to buy in any high street store in the UK or Ireland.


Male Edge Penis Enlargement

Male Edge Penis Enlarger Review

male edge penis enlargerThe next generation of penis enlargement is finally here.

Based on the first ever penis enlargement traction device (the Jes Extender from DanaMedical), Male Edge combines the best of breed components with the latest research driven technology.

The Male Edge Penis Enlargement system can not only increase length and girth of your shaft by upto 28% but also straighten penile curvature (known as Peyronie’s disease).

“The Single Most Effective Solution For Penis Enlargement”

A decade ago, penis enlargement surgery was the only option available to men who were in need of cosmetic enhancement to their manhood.

The cost of surgery was (and still is) expensive – the success rate was not great either with 50% of surgical procedures either unsuccessful or resulted in disfigurement or injury.

10 years on and the medical profession admit that the single most effective solution for penis enlargement is from using a traction device.

How Does Male Edge Work

How does Male Edge WorkThe Male Edge penis enlargement system is painless, non-invasive and simple to use.

The device has multiple levels of calibration that can fit from a starting length of 1.5″ flaccid (non erect) right up to to a starting length of 9″ flaccid.

The basic principle of traction is to stretch the skin tissue so that new tissue cells can form and create extra capacity. This method is typified by tribal cultures that use crude devices to elongate parts of their bodies such as ears, lips, noses and necks.

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The medical profession has been using medically manufactured traction devices to stretch limbs for the past quarter of a century.

Is Male Edge Safe To Use

A premium traction device is quite possibly the safest method to use on the most sensitive part of your body.

Male Edge is produced from no allergic material and suitable for all skin types.

“On average, men using the Male Edge penis enlarger increase their penis size by 28% in length and 19% in girth”

What Results Can I Expect

Male EdgeAll size increases will be permanent. Traction produces a permanent enlargement that is noticeable in both flaccid and erect states.

Male Edge can also increase the hardness of your erection – Many users actually find that their erections become considerably stronger after using the Male Edge penis enlarger, due to the increased cell activity and blood flow they experience.

The average penis length is approximately 5.5″ when erect – using the device for the recommended time period should increase add an extra inch to one and a half inches.

On average, men using the Male Edge penis enlarger increase their penis size by 28% in length and 19% in girth.

View The Penis-O-Meter – to see expected results

How To Use The Male Edge Penis Enlarger

Usability is straightforward – simply attach the device as described in the manual.

There are several other frequently asked (and answered questions) o the official website – Read Male Edge FAQ’s

Is Male Edge Recommended

Highly recommended – it is a top end enlargement system and yet one of the cheapest on the market.

buy Male EdgePrices start from £114.00 going up to £145.00 for deluxe edition.

The quality of the components is matched by the style of the casing.

There is a 100% money back guarantee and the product carries a 2 year warranty.

If you want to enlarge your penis permanently in the quickest and safest way possible buy Male Edge.

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