Vaginal Thrush What Is The Best Treatment

There is a new supplement that has just arrived in the over the counter market place that could cure a condition that is suffered by millions of women in the UK alone.

It is estimated that 4 in every 5 women will experience the pain of vaginal thrush at least once in their lives. With 2 in 10 women suffering repeated bouts known as recurring thrush.

Vaginal thrush is not an STD

Vaginal thrush, especially recurring vaginal thrush is a life altering condition with many women having to re-arrange their day or week around the condition. It also has a certain stigma associated with it, but contrary to popular belief, vaginal thrush is not a STD nor is it contracted through lack of personal hygiene.

Vaginal thrush in most cases is caused by an imbalance of the immune system. Our bodies are made up of a delicate balance of bacteria. Certain types of bacteria live naturally in and around the vagina without repercussions.

Alaczen in the press

Many factors such as hormonal changes, stress, or even using soap to clean the vaginal area can interfere with the acid levels in your vagina. This can cause bacteria living naturally inside the vagina to overgrow and cause a vaginal infection.

Medical research over the past few decades have identified the use of probiotics to cease the overgrowth of bacteria. currently there have been in excess of 400 independent studies relating to probiotics and their positive effect on vaginal thrush.

Alaczen has 48 billion live “friendly bacteria” per serving

Alaczen is a probiotic product that contains a potent dose of approximately 48 billion live friendly bacteria.

Friendly bacteria is absolutely essential for us to function healthily, it increases our immune system and helps us to become less susceptible to illness and conditions.

Alaczen is targeted towards not only treating vaginal thrush, but preventing recurrent episodes. Alaczen is wholly natural and does not cause adverse reactions.

It is available to purchase without GP prescription from the official website.

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